Enjoy Audiobooks anywhere, on any Device

Audials Tunebite Premium & Platinum and Audials One are the File Format Converters for Audiobooks

If you can’t play an Audiobook due to Copy-protection Problems, Audials can help

Car radios, stereo systems and many other devices are oftentimes unable to play audiobooks with DRM copy protection. Let’s be honest: it’s annoying. Audials solves the problem quickly and legally: simply drag an audiobook into Audials with your mouse, click the start button and in just minutes Audials converts your audiobook into an MP3, WMA or ACC file.

Convert Audiobooks in Minutes for Playback on any Device!

Audials lets you convert audiobooks with and without chapters into MP3 files for any device. Audials performs this function by giving the audiobook library, like Apple iTunes, a virtual CD-rom drive, before making a virtual copy of the audiobook in the highest quality as an MP3 file.

Save Audio Books from Spotify and Deezer

In addition to music streaming, Spotify and Deezer also stream audio books. We have upgraded Audials 2017 so you can record audio books, too. And at double speed, of course.

High User Comfort when converting Audiobooks is guaranteed

You decide if you want chapters as individual files or if you’d rather simply convert the entire audiobook as one continuous file. Audials begins converting automatically and even takes care of the tags. If especially tricky files prevent the fast standard mode from functioning properly, you can record the audiobook in the compatibility mode in real time, e.g. over night.

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Audials Software offers lots of additional Extras

Audials lets you conveniently transfer audiobooks to any mobile device connected to your PC or to your cloud. You can even copy audiobooks as CDs (ideal for standard car radios), as MP3-CDs for MP3 CD drives/ car radios or as MP3 DVDs (for DVD recorders / game consoles). Audials can even distribute individual chapters onto several CDs.

Test it today

Download the Audials Tunebite demo software for free without registering. After installing and starting the software, you can get to know the features and functions with no strings attached. If you’re not convinced, you can simply uninstall the software.

Audials Tunebite Premium is ideal for Beginners, Audials Tunebite Platinum is for Experts!

Audials Tunebite Premium has you covered on audio, while Audials Tunebite Platinum takes care of audio and provides you with video media. To get the best Tunebite, get Audials Tunebite Platinum now.