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find, listen to and record Internet radio stations

Audials Radiotracker is the beloved classic among Internet radio tools, Audials Music Rocket the Newcomer. Audials One offers all of the functions of the other editions and many more.

Any Internet radio station and millions of MP3s for you

Audials One, Audials Music Rocket and Audials Radiotracker are the best and most-popular tools for recording Internet radio stations

All Internet radio stations from every genre to listen to and record

100,000 Internet radio stations from every genre to listen to and record

Audials offers the largest database with the most radio stations on the Internet. The most popular radio player shows you the current program with the tracks played for every radio station, even before you listen to it. The title preview even gives you the album art. In addition to all 100,000 major radio stations, Audials also has the most popular English-language radio stations available for you: BBC Radio 2, KSFO, Heart, Classic FM, WBAP, Magic, 92 KQRS, Smooth Radio, KIIS, Z100, Star 94, 77 WABC, Capital, 89 WLS, Kiss, Mix 107.3 and many more regional stations can be played and recorded with just one click! 

Find stations and save them as favorites

Find new stations and save them as favorites

The possibilities for finding new stations are unbeatable. Simply enter a station name into the text search field, search by country, region, language or genre, or even by bitrate quality. Furthermore, you can locate radio stations that are currently playing your favorite artists or the latest chart toppers. Everything is clearly arranged in front of you in a convenient two-column view. You can add your new favorite radio stations in several favorite lists and your free Audials Login lets you enjoy your media anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or even your browser with Audials Live.

Experience radio in a new light, completely individualized

The beloved radio player shows you the previous playlists from stations before you tune in. The title preview in the live view shows available album images as radio tiles for an impressive display, and a selection of the music currently playing by your radio stations. No player offers as many possibilities  for listening to radio stations. Mark your main stations as favorites, pin your favorite artists and genres to the player for immediate access or select the perfect station for you via album images and music info on songs currently being played in the station preview, before tuning in.

No radio recorder records songs more accurately than Audials

Many radio stations send information on the music playing in their radio streams, while others do not provide any additional information at all. Most radio recorders and freeware can only record from a small portion of stations and only as an endless stream leaving users to edit the songs. Audials uses the intelligent Audials Fingerprint technology that analyzes the audio signal and even recognizes songs in the stream. This allows Audials to automatically cut and edit tracks down to the millisecond no matter the type of radio stream, with or without additional information. The individual songs are then automatically saved as MP3, WMA or AAC files including all complete ID3 tags, album artwork or lyrics. It’s perfect radio.

Free mass tracks: Audials can record anything

In seemingly no time at all, Audials delivers tons of tracks for free, completely legal and automatic. To this end there are a few different options available: you can select a genre, sort by country or language, use individually pinned radio stations or employ favorite lists with your favorite radio stations to make mass recordings. You choose or define a parameter, or several, and Audials records the max that your Internet connection allows. Within a short amount of time, Audials will have your hard drive brimming with music. 

The described features of this website are part of:

Recording timer and subsequent saving of radio tracks

The recording timer lets you plan the time and the duration of recording your favorite Internet radio stream. Alternatively, you can record entire shows to edit the played tracks as a single MP3. This is especially suitable for audiobooks, live concerts or editorial contributions. The radio player lets you save the previously played tracks as MP3s after they have been played. 

Why Not Just Download Another 200 Hits from the Radio?

Why Not Just Download Another 200 Hits from the Radio?

Instead of having to record all day, the new Audials software allows you to download all of the hits played by your favorite show or DJ at once. Or you can just pick out the best bits. With the Audials, the radio view also displays the 200 most recently played songs from your favorite station. If you want to be really smart, you can download your favorite songs via the music search and then add the playlist of your favorite DJ afterwards.

Cut the ads and the talk. Fade and normalize music tracks.

The beginning and the end of tracks are recorded with the highest accuracy. Ads and talks are cut out or you can manually set the fade-in or fade-out. Depending on your personal preferences and tastes, you can specify global fading parameters and the normalization for your recordings. Recorded tracks are automatically normalized at the preferred volume for your music collection. Furthermore, you have the option of manually editing your tracks with the integrated Audio Editor. 

Stay up to date with the one-of-a-kind Audials Radio Database

Thanks to the self-updating database, you’ll always be current. The Audials Radio Database organizes available stations by country, region, language, transfer quality, and even sorts stations by 120 different genres. Simply click open the overview and start familiarizing yourself with the most significant genres.  

Exctract from the list of the main music genres
Country AmericaClassicalElectronicFilmHip HopRnBJazz
RockHeavy MetalSchlagerTalkTop 40 World  
Extract from the list of sub genres
Pop-KlassikSymphonicAmbientChilloutDowntempoDanceEuro Dance
Hip-HopRapRnBUrbanAcid JazzBig BandBlues
JazzSmooth JazzSwingLatinSalsaReggaetonMerengue
Brit-PopNDWSynthie PopPop-RockFolk-PopItalo-PopPop allgemein
ChristianChristmasGospelSpiritualAlternative RockClassic RockCollege Rock
PunkIndie RockHardrockWaveGothicGrungeHeavy Metal
Doom MetalSpeed MetalThrash MetalDeath MetalIndustrial MetalProgressive MetalAlternative Metal
DiscofoxPolkaDeutsche SchlagerComedyNewsSportTop 100

Give it a try

Download and install the Audials One demo without registering. The demo gives you all the radio functions in Audials Radiotracker. If you’re not satisfied, simply uninstall the demo.

Audials Radiotracker for beginners, Audials One for aficionados

Since 2005, Audials Radiotracker has been the go-to standard software for users looking to listen to and automatically record their favorite Internet radio stations. Audials One is an all-round solution for fulfilling music wishes free and legally and includes all of the Audials Radiotracker functions, as well as Turbo functionality.