Audials Music Rocket is a rocket in the world of downloading music!
Simply type in a hit into the search field and the software will find the best version of the song in top quality on YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion or on one of 50,000 monitored internet radios.

Massive Variety

The hits, current charts, discographies, 120 genres of music, 20,000,000 MP3s

Top quality

Top Quality

Every track in top quality as an MP3, AAC or WMA in up to 320 kBit/s.

Turning Dreams into Reality

If you have a music request, Audials will find it! You can request music, albums or entire discographies of artists and Audials will do the rest of the work in the background. You'll be able to download a lot of hits immediately from YouTube or other legal sources. For the rest, Audials will find the right Internet radio and will quickly provide you with your music free of charge.

Audials Music Load

Find and Download Music

Audials lists all available versions of the track you're looking for on YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Veoh and Dailymotion. With a single click you can listen to it, or save it to your music collection. You will be thrilled at how quickly and easily this works!

Music According to Your Style

Name a few example musicians or radios, and a style is created. Audials finds the new music for each of your styles!

The best selection

Maximum Radio Stations

Boasts the best variety with over 100,000 internet radio stations from 120 music genres from all over the world at up to 320 kBits/s.


Unique Radio Recorder

Audials monitors tens of thousands of radio stations 24/7 and will find the best radio to record your musical wishes.

Automatic Perfection

Avoids adverts and parts where the radio presenters are talking. Track recordings are accurate to the millisecond. Also saves ID3 tags, cover artwork, and even lyrics.

For At Home and On The Go

Listen to your favorite stations according to your music styles on your PC, smartphone and in the car.

Podcasts From All Around The World

Browse more than 350,000 podcasts with millions of episodes for you to watch or listen to. Subscribe and save your favourites for a larger variety of entertainment.

Play everything

Your Music Player

Enjoy music, radio stations, podcasts and music videos either in full-screen mode or as a separate mini-player and experience the best entertainment.



You can manage your media on your PC and in the cloud, but you can also easily transfer it to mobile devices.

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No risk thanks to money-back guarantee!

If you don't love our software, we will refund you the full purchase price in the first 14 days – no questions asked. Try our free demo now and get started immediately.