A lot of improvements have been made to our new Audials One 2019. You can now access and enjoy top-quality music, movies, series and internet TV faster and easier than ever before. Click on whatever you are interested in and simply scroll down.


The new music collection that grows effortlessly. YouTube & Spotify Reloaded. Simplified use. More power.

More Quality For You!

Quality, speed, and simplified use are the main improvements in the area of music. The quality of the recordings from Spotify, Deezer & co. have been enhanced further. Downloading music from YouTube has been optimized, Spotify is now included in the music search function and the wish list function has been enhanced. Thanks to our new Styles, Audials will now become your Audials, and even comes with a music collection generator. A lot more has happened. Find out everything:


Improved Streaming Recorder

Recording Spotify, Deezer, and other music streaming services has once again been optimized:

Even at 10 times the speed, the tracks are cut absolutely precisely at the beginning and end of the song, and especially when recording at high bit rates (e.g., 320kbit/sec), any loss in quality is avoided. Save your music in the highest quality!

Even Better Wish Lists

The many small improvements mean you will get your music even faster. New music sources such as Spotify mean a higher quality of music and an even larger selection of music.

New editing features and much better suggestions also make working with wish lists on Audials 2019 much more fun. Try it out!


Spotify is now a search tool

Audials One 2019 now also searches Spotify for the music you want and delivers the highest possible quality of music at lightning speed! See for yourself!


YouTube Reloaded

YouTube and other music portals provide the choice of different qualities of sound in their videos.

From now on, Audials will always find and use the best possible audio track for you to download directly from YouTube!


A completely new music experience

You enter a topic in the search box – either Charts, a genre, an artist, a track, or a radio station. Audials then provides you with artists, playlists, compilations, or something similar in the music universe.


New Overview of Music

The three popular modes Music Search, Music Wishes and My Music have been merged into just Music. It's now a lot easier for you to get your music:

Add whatever is missing in your collection with a single click! Embark on a musical journey of discovery and experience music in a completely new way, download it directly or put it on your wish list.

Other sources

Music Search: Quality Evolution

The music search and wish list functions now also use Spotify, in addition to YouTube, Soundcloud & Co. This makes a huge difference:

Audials is now able to provide much more music in much higher quality! You need to experience this next stage in the evolution of getting your music!

YouTube link insertion

Downloading YouTube Links Massively Improved

On Audials, not only can you scan YouTube, but you can also directly download the music from videos as an audio track by entering a link.

You can now enter a whole list of YouTube links and Audials will then work through them. This also applies to the new music service YouTube Music. Our new Audials One 2019 even comes with its own tile for pre-configured recording with a single click!

Recording Music Streams

Recording Music Streams Now Easier and Safer

Not just the quality of stream recordings, for example on Spotify, has been improved. The newly designed selection of the recording source also makes it easier for you to find the right pre-settings.

Simply select the source and Audials automatically determines everything else, e.g. whether you are recording from the Spotify software or website, and which browser you are recording from. It always selects the best settings to ensure optimal recording.

Everything revolves around you! Your music! Your taste! Brand new: your styles!

Radio favorites have been taken to another level. You saved which radio stations you liked best using Audials favorites lists, right? We thought we'd take this to the next level - say hello to Audials Styles!

Give each style its own color, then select your favorite artists and radio stations for each particular style. This way you will automatically receive a great number of stations that match your style! And depending on your mood, simply select the style you want Audials to use. We are also laying the foundation for even more innovations for even more of your favorite music:

Your Music Styles

New Music Depending on Your Style

For every mood or taste, you can create a style simply by selecting a few sample artists or radio stations. When searching for music or working with wish lists, Audials will now provide you with an incredible amount of suitable new artists, tracks, playlists or compilations for each of your styles. All according to your personal taste!

As soon as you fancy listening to something different, just switch to a different style and the color and music will change. Try it out now and if you don't like it, you will be refunded.

Your Music Bot

Music Bot 

Once defined, you can order an entire music collection for each style on Audials. Our brand-new Music Bot does it for you: All you have to do is determine the parameters of how your music collection should be designed. The Music Bot immediately displays a suggestion as to which artists it would like to provide you with.

Once you like what you see, simply click to confirm and Audials will do the rest by finding and downloading the music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and internet radio stations. You'll soon be hooked!

Try it out now in three quick steps! This is how it works:


Define your own style of music in the new Audials One 2019 

Simply add some examples of artists or radio stations according to your taste.


Determine the settings for your music collection

How many tracks do you want Audials to collect for you that match your style? 500, 1,000, 2,000 or even 5,000? Would you like to have a music collection that is as close to your style as possible or one that is slightly broader and more varied?

Do you want your music collection to be made up of a few or a large number of different artists?

While you experiment with the parameters, Audials will instantly provide you with a preview of what music it would like to download for you. That way you're guaranteed to enjoy the result.


Click on the start button and
Audials One 2019 will get started!

The time it takes to acquire your music depends on your settings. You don't have to do anything, and can simply enjoy the music later.


Simplified use. Higher recording quality. Additional pre-configured sources. A new mode.

Audials is the leading technical solution for high-quality video stream recording. The so-called encoding backend of Audials merges recorded frames into a film. The new Audials 2019 generation offers improved image quality and performance. Other major improvements:

Videostreaming Reloaded

Better Selection

The tile view of the recording configurations that have been predefined for the video streaming services has been redesigned and is now easier to use with the new image selection.

Total Videostreaming

Additional Services

New services have been pre-configured for the recording process and can be selected by simply clicking on the right tile.

Direct recording

Better Quality When Recording Directly

Direct recordings from the video memory of the graphics card, which is used in particular for Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, or UStream, have also been improved.

Audials is now even better at saving so-called adaptive streaming, which is used by these services; the artifacts at the transitions between the individual sequences have been minimized.

For you, this means that record of movies and series, especially in HD, will have an even better picture quality on Audials One 2019.

YouTube downloader

YouTube Direct Download Now Even Better

With our new Audials One 2019, YouTube links can now be entered and automatically downloaded directly from YouTube, allowing any number of YouTube links to be copied into the software for processing.

For YouTube, all other resolutions are available for direct download in addition to the original format and resolution.

New Mode

New Mode

In our new Audials even more of the most important video streaming services are preconfigured. There is now also a huge number of special streaming offers on all topics. To make the most of this, Audials provides you with a new, generic recording mode.

It allows you to make high-quality, unscaled recordings directly from the graphics card. This also works if the service uses adaptive streaming! This way you can save any video stream in top quality.

Cutting-Edge Device Profiles

Cutting-Edge Device Profiles

New devices, new profiles. In order to be able to store videos optimally for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles and PCs, the device profiles of all of the well-known manufacturers have been updated and the latest devices of the latest generations have been added. This is a must-have!


Take your TV channels on vacation. Record live TV. Also comes with new international streams.

Internet TV

A New Internet TV Experience

Our new Audials has a completely newly designed player for Internet TV. It provides you with smooth, high-quality television, especially when you're watching in full-screen mode, even on slower PCs.

This means you can continue watching TV on your PC at home, but also on holiday with your notebook, and you won't miss a single episode of your favorite series.

TV Livestreams

Lots of New Live TV Streams

In addition to the previous online TV offers, Audials now boasts a huge number of new English-language and international live TV streams!

Enjoy over 333 live streams.

Record TV

Record TV with a Simple Click!

Audials now comes with a new, highly optimized live stream and media library video recorder. This allows you to save all content forever.

Just click on the player's new recording button and Audials will record the streams in top quality. This allows you, for example, to record sports events from live TV and watch them over and over again at any time!

Musik TV

Music TV is Taking Off!

Our new Audials now offers 50 of the best music TV channels and is relaunching as an integral part of the TV area. More music, nonstop music clips and even more to record!


You're going to love Audials' redesigned, simpler interface

Much more powerful and faster, yet much simpler

Audials One 2019 offers a lot of new, powerful features. The speed has been significantly increased in many areas, and - we have also redesigned the usability to make everything much easier for you. There is plenty to discover:

Content-oriented interface

Work Directly with the Contents

Audials 2019 offers a new, simpler and more efficient operating concept: The focus is on your content, i.e., music, radio stations, artists, movies, etc.  Audials offers you an unmatched variety of powerful features.

All functions are now always available directly in the contents: The most frequently used ones, such as play or download, will now appear as soon as you move your mouse over contents. All others are available in a clearly structured way at the click of a mouse.

You will no longer have to search for "buttons" in toolbars, footers, etc. - you will always have all the options available at your fingertips. This will allow you to work much faster without overlooking any possibilities!

Tabs restructured

Less is More

We've restructured the vast array of features Audials has added over the course of its generations and intelligently combined tabs to simplify your work.

From the Music Search, Music Wishes, and My Music tabs, we have now simply created the tab Music. All music functions are now bundled here and are easier to use thanks to new synergies.

Television and Music TV have also been combined. Copy DVD is now available in the Converter.

This makes it much easier for you to explore all the possibilities because your music, your movies and your devices are now the most important thing!

Why spend money?

Software is only as good as it is at the moment. Audials provides an automatic background update for the streaming recorder every week. With the new Audials One 2019, you will continue to receive all the latest updates to ensure that everything works perfectly.


Everything Runs Faster

In our test laboratory, we have tested Audials many times using different PCs with different capacities and have simulated dozens of scenarios.

We have analyzed the results in detail and adapted and optimized your new software.

Whether you are launching or operating Audials, the new version runs even more smoothly and faster than any of its predecessors. You only live once, so there's no time to lose.

Massively Simplified

Audials 2019 can do significantly more than any of its predecessors, but you wouldn't be able to tell - we examined the entire operation and carefully determined the optimum location for each function.

This allowed us to make everything much tidier and clearer, and to create more space for the actual content. Half the amount of displays and much fewer controls make our new Audials 2019 twice as good. You'll love it!

No risk thanks to money-back guarantee!

If you don't love our software, we will refund you the full purchase price in the first 14 days – no questions asked. Try our free demo now and get started immediately.