Recording a DVD

With the Copy DVD view, you can record individual video titles from a DVD.

  • Blu-ray discs cannot be recorded because of their restrictive digital rights management.
  • In some cases, Audials One needs to record a DVD from your screen output, by playing it in full length. In this case, your screen is blocked during the recording to avoid disturbance.

Step-by-Step: Recording a DVD

  1. In the navigation, click Copy DVD.
  2. Optional: Set the output format to Optimized for burning to a DVD (MP3/AVI).
  3. Insert the DVD into your DVD drive.
    Audials One reads in the DVD. This can take a few moments.
  4. Click Next and follow the instructions.


When the recording is finished, the output file appears in the Player.

What to do next

To record more titles from your DVD, repeat the steps above.

To copy the recorded title or titles to a DVD, follow the steps to burning a DVD.

Recording a DVD from a third-party DVD playback software

If you have an edition of Windows that doesn't play DVDs, or if the default DVD playback app of your Windows edition is not compatible with Audials One, you can re-record the DVD from a third-party DVD playback software.