Recording a streamed video

Audials One detects and records video streams that appear or play in your web browser.

A few tips for setting up the video website and a few things to mind during the recording process help you achieving optimum recording quality.

Setting up your video site

Set up your video website to achieve maximum recording quality and to avoid recording problems.

  • Choose the highest playback quality/resolution, if such a setting is available. Some streaming services automatically switch to a higher resolution when you enlarge the video window.

    If you experience issues like skips or stuttering recordings, choose a lower quality setting.

  • If available, set up automatic playback of next video items according to your use case.
    Figure 1. Setting up automatic playback on your video site
    Use case Automatic playback
    Recording a single video Off
    Recording several series episodes in a row On
    Troubleshooting several videos recorded in one file Off

Recording a video

Audials One's Save video offers quickstart buttons and in-place instructions to guide you through the necessary steps to record a video from one of the popular video services.

  1. In the navigation, click Save video.
  2. Optional: Set the output format to Universal (MP3/MP4).
  3. Click Video recording and select a recording tool or website or source to record from.
    • From the quickstart option of the streaming service you want to record from, click the Website or Software you use, for example Netflix Website .
    • If none of the quickstart options fits, click Select recording tool and choose the tool that seems best suitable to you. In case of doubt, try the tools from top to bottom.
    Figure 2. The Save Video dropdown menu

  4. Follow the instructions given by the recording tool displays.
    • Audials One records the language that is played back.
    • Audials One records the video resolution that is played back.


The recording finishes as soon as Audials One indicates so, and/or shortly after the video has finished playing.

All detected videos are listed in the Save video view and, depending on the recording tool and your settings, automatically saved on your computer and listed in the Player after a while.

Recording multiple videos in one go

Set up your video site to play back several videos in a row, and Audials One automatically saves them as individual files.
Restriction: Not all video sites offer automatic playback features.

Before you begin

Set up your video site to automatically play next video items.

Step-by-Step: Recording multiple videos in one go

Follow the instructions through the regular recording procedure as described in steps 1 to 4.


Audials One detects and records each video that your video site plays back.

All detected videos are listed in the Save video view and, depending on the recording tool and your settings, automatically saved on your computer and listed in the Player after a while.

Optimal behaviour during recording

A few best practices help to avoid many common recording problems, including cancelling recordings.
Tip: Not all of the below points are necessarily obligatory for your browser and video source.

Optimal behavior during the recording

  • You can watch the video while it is recording. You can watch it in full screen to maximize recording quality. If you don't want to watch while recording, you can switch off the monitor and your speakers.
  • Do not change the playback volume of the video in the playback software. You can control the volume of the recording in the recording tool display.

To avoid performance problems

  • Avoid moving the mouse pointer.

    When the mouse pointer is moved, video play controls, and on some video services also additional video information, appears. This can lead to additional CPU load.

To avoid cancelling recordings

  • Don't use your computer for other tasks during the recording.
  • Don't pause the video.
  • Don't minimize the browser window playing the content.
  • Don't open new browser tabs or windows.