Activating Audials One with your license key

Product activation is required if you have downloaded and purchased Audials One online and received your license information via e-mail.

Before you begin

Find the e-mail that contains your license key.

Step-by-Step: Activating Audials One with your license key

  1. Start the version of Audials One you want to activate.
    Important: Make sure to open the version of Audials One that match with version of the license key. For example open Audials 2018 to activate Audials 2018.
  2. Open > General.
    Under Product activation, the installed product name is displayed, along with the keyword Demo.
  3. Click Enter license key....
  4. Enter your license key, and click Activate.
    Tip: The safest way to enter the key is to copy-and-paste it from your license e-mail.


Under Product activation, the name of your product should now be shown without the keyword Demo, but with a serial number in parentheses, instead (compare Figure 1).
Figure 1. A successfully activated version of Audials One.

What to do next

Important: Please keep your license information in a safe place. We strongly suggest to print it out, and file it with other important documents.

Frequent license key problems

I purchased Audials One and entered my license key, but there still is a button reading Upgrade, and/or a Audials Upgrade Center window showing up. Why?
Both the Upgrade button and the Audials Upgrade Center promote new major releases, and other product editions with additional features which might be of interest to you. Such as e.g. a conversion format which is available only in a superior edition. The Audials Upgrade Center explains those limitations in its leading headlines, and gives you options to purchase the feature you require.