Recording a station

Record songs and content of a radio station.

Step-by-Step: Recording a station

  1. In the navigation, click Radio.
  2. Optional: Set the output format to Universal (MP3/MP4).
  3. Navigate to the station you would like to record.
  4. To record the station, mind the recordability symbol:
    Recordability Automatic song cutting To record
    , , yes Click Record.
    no Click the Record arrow, and then click Record continuously.

    Audials One starts recording the station.

    Symbol Description Meaning
    Green arrow Recording is running.
    Yellow arrow

    Recording starts as soon as the next, complete song begins.

    If the station keeps showing a yellow arrow : The station's recordability is not sufficient for automatic song cutting.

  5. Optional: You can repeat steps 3 and 4, to record several stations, at once.


After a few minutes, Audials One finishes recording the first songs. All recorded files appear in the Player.

FAQs about radio recordings

Why do no recorded songs appear in the player after starting the recording normally?
  • If the station starts recording shortly, but then fails and disconnects, there is a problem with the connection to the station.
  • If the station shows a green arrow , but no recordings are saved: The recordings are filtered. You can always see the number of filtered recordings in the status line, on the bottom of the Audials One window. Click Filtered to check or edit your filter settings.
  • If the station keeps showing a yellow arrow : The station's recordability is not sufficient for automatic song cutting.

Scheduling a radio recording

You can program scheduled recordings to let Audials One record a certain radio station at a given time, automatically.

Audials One creates a task in Windows Task Scheduler. This ensures that Audials One will be started before the recording begins.

Step-by-Step: Scheduling a radio recording

  1. Browse through the list of radio stations, and select the one that you would like to schedule a recording for.
  2. Click in the toolbar, and then click Create scheduled recording....
  3. Choose between one-time and weekly repeated recording.
    • Once: Enter a date.
    • Repeat on: Select on which weekdays to repeat the recording.
  4. Enter begin and end of the scheduled recording.


Audials One starts and ends recording the station at the given date and time. The recording is saved as a continuous recording, as well as individual songs, if the station's recordability allows for automatic song cutting.

FAQs about scheduled recordings

Can I shut down the computer before the scheduled recording has started?
Audials One automatically starts the recording, if the computer runs, or if the computer sleeps. Make sure to select "Allow wake timers" in your Power options.