Updating Audials One 2018

Update Audials One 2018 to the latest version to profit from patches, bug fixes, and improved usability.

Updates within the same major version number are provided free of charge. Example: If you bought Audials One version 2018, updates to any version 2018.x are for free.

Updates only override internal program files. All your personal settings, user data and recorded files etc., are preserved.

When a new version is available, an update button appears in the navigation, in the lower left of corner of the Audials One window.

Figure 1. The update button

Step-by-Step: Updating Audials One 2018

  1. In the navigation, in the lower left corner of the Audials One window, click ! Update available.
  2. Follow the instructions given by the update wizard.

Checking which version is installed on your PC

Audials One's About dialog display the installed version number, along with information about components and servers.

In the main toolbar in the navigation, click and then click About Audials.


The About dialog shows name and version number of your installed product on the first line.

Checking for updates and what they include

Each update release is accompanied by a posting in the release notes section of our community forum. The release notes outline the changes that are included in each update.

Installing updates manually

The update button is usually switched on a few days after a new update is released. This procedure ensures only stable updates are promoted via the update button.

In some cases, users may want to install an update even before the update button becomes available. This is possible by downloading and installing the update, manually.

Step-by-Step: Installing updates manually

  1. Download the setup file from the version history or the download page.
  2. Open the download folder. Double-click the symbol of the setup file Audials_One-Setup.exe to launch the installation wizard.
  3. Select Standard installation, then click Install. Follow the instructions through the installation procedure. This may take a few minutes. Please wait.